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Oct 2, 2012 4:30am PDT
have died. >> plus, the trial against the woman accused of killing michelle le, why the defense said she should not be charged with murder. >>> we will have more on your morning commute and the bay area weather coming up. >>> good morning welcome back. it happened in an area near lama island near china's fireworks show. more than 100 people were thrown into the water. the accident is the deadliest for hong kong. they are charged with operating the craft unsafely. >>> testimony continues in the trial of giselle esteban. she is charged with murdering nursing student michelle le. they delivered opening statements with the prosecution calling it premeditated murder fueled with jealousy and hate. she said giselle esteban was snapped when provoked and family and friends said it was a difficult moment as the last moments of michelle le's life were laid out for the jury. >> this is anticipation without all the details is becoming very difficult. >> they say michelle le was dating the father of giselle esteban's child. she was killed four months later. >>> and the mass shooting in oaklan
Oct 1, 2012 4:30am PDT
on 101. >>> the woman is accused of killing nursing student michelle le. a woman is charged with killing her. her body was found in a remote area. they went to high school together in san diego. prosecutors say she was jealous of michelle le and blamed her for a failed relationship with a former boyfriend. >>> he is charged with killing back at oikos university. he is eligible for the death penalty if convicted. >>> a fire that killed two over the weekend is being called suspicious. family members are identifying him as an elderly man and disabled son. a fire trapped them inside their home. three children were also home at the time of the fire but were rescued by bystanders. >>> they are looking into it. authorities are calling an act of domestic terrorism. the office suffered significant damage and many of davis' client's records were destroyed. >>> time now 4:32, the weekend's hot weather may have played in the role of a death of a woman in contra costa county. her body was found in oak hill. the woman had been reported missing from her adult care facility a few hours earlier a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2